lunes, 16 de enero de 2012


Hoy hago un pequeño paréntesis para enseñaros un gran tesoro.
Se trata de una especie de goma de la marca Tana (made in Bcn - Spain) que sirve exclusivamente para zapatos de ante o nubuck.
¡Deja el calzado siempre reluciente!

Today I'm gonna make a suggestion to show you a great treasure.
It's a kind of rubber from Tana brand (made in Bcn - Spain) which is used exclusively for suede or nubuck shoes.
They look always perfect!

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  1. also i have this for my shoes! Passes to see me on my blog:
    Keep in touch with fashion and if you like we can follow each other! (also on facebook!)
    have a nice day…. Keep in touch …. Kiss Jeasmine

  2. Interesante blog!.me gusta